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Do you have missing teeth ?  

If you’ve recently lost a tooth or have had a tooth or teeth missing for some time, then it’s important to have this problem fixed immediately.

The position of all the teeth in your mouth is dependent on them being in contact with other teeth. Both side to side contact and contact when biting or chewing is important. When a tooth is missing, the adjacent teeth will drift from their proper position in order to restore the necessary contact with other teeth. This initially creates a problem in appearance and inevitably, causes major issues with how your mouth functions.

So please call us immediately if you lose a tooth. A temporary solution can be implemented to maintain the proper positioning of your remaining teeth until a permanent solution can be found. This preventive treatment can mean the difference in time, cost and appearance of your tooth replacement.

As part of your treatment, we will explain all the options that can be used to correct this problem which will depend on the overall health of your mouth, the number of teeth missing and your budget.

Solutions can be either removable or permanently fixed in place and your options depend on which tooth is missing and the strength of the supporting bone and teeth adjacent to the missing tooth.

Typical options for replacing missing teeth include dentures, a ceramic bridge or a dental implant.

If you have a missing tooth, we will examine your full mouth in order to determine your exact situation and offer the best options to replace that missing tooth.

If you have an Emergency or are looking for a dentist in Port Macquarie contact our team on (02) 65833533.  Our dentists are available in our Taree Dentist Sundial clinics, Laurieton Dentist Sundial and Wauchope Dentist Sundial clinics to service your every dental needs.


Dr Karin Welsh
Port Macquarie dentist, Sundial Dental Dentist

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