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Efficient and effective dentistry

Sundial Dental is pleased to offer cutting edge 3D X-ray technology to provide you with the most efficient and effective dentistry available, and the most comfortable dental care possible.

The innovative Galileos® diagnostic system creates a 3D image of your entire jaw in a matter of seconds – much less time that it would take for you to receive a standard set of X-rays. This means we can diagnose any problems more accurately and efficiently than ever before, and you can quickly get on with you day.

The 3D scans taken by the system are far more detailed that traditional X-rays, giving us an in-depth look at your teeth, mouth and jaw. This lets us easily detect early signs of any dental problems, so we can treat them before they develop into more serious conditions, meaning fewer appointments for you in the long run.

At Sundial Dental, we also use 3D X-ray technology to assist with implant placement, leading to more precise results and faster restorations. By using the Galileos® in routine procedures, we can also more efficiently predict the outcome of difficult surgeries.

The Sirona Galileos® 3D Cone Beam emits less radiation than any other 3D technology – about the same as you encounter on a day at the beach.

Named after the famous physicist and astronomer who brought a new dimension to modern science, Galileo Galilei, this innovative technology represents the future of dentistry and healthcare.

Port Macquarie Dental 3D X-RAY Machine
Sundial Dental 3D X-RAY, Dentist Port Macquarie
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