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CEREC®-Same Day Crowns

What is CEREC?


With CEREC technology you can have strong, beautiful crowns, veneers and porcelain fillings in just one visit, in less than one hour. That means no more second visits, gooey impressions, or waiting long periods with temporary crowns.

Sundial Dental Cerec, Dentist Port Macquarie

Strong beautiful crowns in less than an hour

With CEREC technology, Sundial Dental provides provide strong, beautiful crowns, veneers and porcelain fillings in just one visit and in less than an hour.

That means no more second visits, gooey impressions, or long waiting periods with temporary crowns.

We’re proud to be the only dental providers on the Mid North Coast to offer CEREC.

Fast, precise, durable and attractive restorations with CEREC

Once numb, we prepare the tooth by removing any traces of old fillings and any tooth decay that may be present. We then take a scan with our 3D camera which provides a ‘digital impression’ in about 20 seconds. With CEREC, there is no need for gooey, uncomfortable impression materials in your mouth that can take five minutes to set.

Then we use computer-assisted design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology to design a tooth that fits perfectly with your surrounding teeth, and we make sure you’re happy with the contours and colour.

The tooth is then milled out of a strong German porcelain block within just 10 minutes. Finally, the tooth is polished up and placed securely into your mouth – all within an hour.

Cutting edge, trusted technology

CEREC is an acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Developed by German dental company, Sirona, and widely used across the world, CEREC has two decades of research behind it showing restorations have 10 year survival rates of 95% and 18 year survival rates of 85%.

Fix old fillings and avoid root canal treatment

With time, your old amalgam (mercury) and composite fillings break down, and in many cases where the tooth has been filled a number of times, or when the breakdown is so large that there is not enough tooth to bond a filling to it, a crown is required to protect what is left of the tooth. At Sundial Dental, we use CEREC technology to provide fast and effective crowns in a single visit.

Another advantage of CEREC is that it can help patients avoid root canal treatments. In some cases where there would normally not be enough tooth structure to place a conventional crown, CEREC can restore a tooth without having to do an elective root canal treatment – providing a saving in time and money for the patient.

For more information on how CEREC can restore your smile call the dentists at Sundial Dental’s Port Macquarie, Taree, Laurieton and Wauchope practices today.

CEREC Benefits - Compared to other Restorative Materials.


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Inlay Restoration


Often, patients with amalgam fillings experience amalgam breakdowns and damage to the tooth structure as recurrent decay creates stress fractures on the enamel. Unlike most laboratory-created crowns, CEREC® inlay restorations stabilize the integrity of the tooth. CEREC® materials ensure maximum bond strength and enhance appearance, resulting in your desired smile. CEREC® inlay restorations form a smooth, tooth-coloured replacement of dental material lost to cavities. Using ultramodern CAD/CAM technology, CEREC® inlays mimic your tooth’s colour and structure exactly.


Onlay Restorations


Silver amalgam restorations regularly result in unsightly crowns and need to be replaced over time due to recurrent decay. Rather than replace the old amalgam, CEREC® onlays are placed on the tooth to retain the original structure and create a more natural look. Onlays, or partial crowns, are more extensive than inlays, and cover the bumps on the tooth surface. The enamel-like material of CEREC® mimics the appearance and feel of real teeth.




Patients who lose fillings often need replacement crowns, which can take up to three appointments to fill in. CEREC®, however, mirrors the appearance and feel of a normal tooth and only requires one visit to install. Crowns, or tooth-shaped caps placed over teeth, restore the damaged tooth to its original shape, strength, size or appearance. CEREC® crowns preserve a healthy tooth structure while restoring your natural smile.




Teeth that have been repaired with compacted composite material often break down, resulting in chipped teeth. CEREC® veneers correct the incisal length and angle, restoring the tooth to its original appearance in only one visit. Veneers, or thin laminates of tooth-coloured porcelain, are bonded to the front of teeth, covering the front surface and resulting in an improved appearance. The veneers produced by CEREC® are custom-designed for each tooth to provide an exact match.


Multiple Restorations


In the past, patients with multiple failed restorations typically required several appointments to achieve a full restoration. With CEREC®, however, multiple inlays and onlays can be fabricated, bonded, polished and installed at once. CEREC® technology completes the multiple restorations in one visit, resulting in a beautiful smile in a fraction of the time.

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